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With a single Member of Parliament and 138,400 permanent residents according to the 2011 census, it is the most populous parliamentary constituency in the United Kingdom (more than 50% above the average of English constituencies).

The Isle of Wight is a ceremonial and non-metropolitan county. Since the abolition of its two borough councils in 1995 and the restructuring of the county council as the Isle of Wight Council, it has been a unitary county.

As a constituency of the House of Commons, it has traditionally been a battleground between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats but I hope to change that and turn the Island into a Labour Constituency at the 2015 general election.

With the LibDem vote in meltdown at the 2013 Council elections, and the voters being rightly disillusioned by the Tories, there has never been a better opportunity to work for a Labout MP to be returned.