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Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate, Stewart Blackmore, has reacted to Andrew Turner’s statement that he will write to Royal Mail about their changes in service. About half of letterboxes will now have their only daily collection at 7am or 9am in the morning instead of later in the day.


Stewart Blackmore said,” Andrew Turner should have thought about the likely effect when he voted for the privatisation of Royal Mail against the wishes of the public and at great expense to the taxpayer. This change in service effectively abolishes first class mail from many parts of the Island and means that small businesses that use Royal Mail cannot rely to the mail they receive on the same day without some inconvenience.


Safeguards should have been put in place. As communications change, the universal service obligation which ensures we can all post and receive mail can only continue through cross subsidy. Royal Mail’s competitors are able to cherry pick lucrative bulk contracts from big firms in the cities without having to contribute anything to rural areas such as ours. Postal workers are telling me that their conditions have already deteriorated. Rounds are more onerous and mail is sent off the Island and then returned late in the morning so that they cannot complete their work sometimes until early evening.


The next Labour government will secure the future of the universal service obligation, protect the historic link between Royal Mail and the Post Office network and act to keep stamp prices at an affordable level at a time when families are being hit by a cost-of-living crisis.”