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At last, Jeremy Hunt admitted to the BBC that he government ‘HAD GOT IT WRONG’ when questioned by Andrew Marr on the Andrew Marr Show on television and then by John Piennar on Radio 5 Live’s Piennar’s Politics.

The Observer reports that, if the Tories win the general election, there will be a ‘fire sale’ of the NHS and the Guardian reported in March the private companies are already cherry picking the most profitable parts of the NHS.

The NHS is rapidly being turned from a fully integrated, complex, interwoven organisation that has evolved over 65 years to optimise high-quality clinical care to metamorphise into a pick-and-mix counter, where any qualified provider can scoop up their preferences and not have to worry about what others are doing – or what is left behind. The rush to privatise renal units, intensive therapy units and A&Es has not happened because these services cost a lot of money and will therefore reap no financial reward for the profiteers. However, hip and knee replacements are frequently conducted in the private sector.

Taking out low-risk, high-volume, interventions which injected money into the NHS – due to the pricing of the tariff – is exposing NHS hospitals to the risk of financial failure. This is because high risk, expensive services that are hard to price are left for the NHS to pick up. The system is collapsing because this model will force the NHS into financial failure, resulting in the administrator being brought in.