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The Lib Dems could not wait to get into bed with the Tories and form a Coalition government after the 2010 General Election resulted in a ‘hung’ parliament.

The lure of chauffeur-driven limos, sumptuous offices and bags of civil servants running after them was just to much for them to resist and, after all, these were the very people who could keep the Tories in check, weren’t  they?

Well, no, they weren’t as it happens!  So what did they do?  They broke just about every manifesto pledge that they made just so they could be in government and ‘tame’ the Tories.  They should have realised that wild animals, full of political dogma and hell bent on kicking the poor, just could not be trained.  What was really needed was a sympathetic vet to put the poor beasts out of their considerable misery.

We need to let our electors know just how complicit the Lib Dems are in this sorry mess of a coalition.  How they have fallen under the spell f the Tories in order to secure the comfortable trappings office – never mind that they have had to U turn on almost all of their pre-election promises – from tuition fees, tax, welfare, local government, the NHS – practically no Tory initiative doesn’t have Lib Dem fingerprints all over them.

To read the sorry saga please click HERE and please do remember to spread the word.  There is a reason why the Lib Dem vote has collapsed on the Island and elsewhere and this list tells them why.  We must get the message across – IF YOU WANT RID OF THE TORIES VOTE LABOUR ON THE ISLE OF WIGHT!